The darker side of Gothenburg – Crime Walk in Haga

Vandringen i finns även på engelska för slutna grupper eller företag.

Killings, thefts, brothels, smugglers. And an executioner. The district Haga is nowadays a lovely area with quaint cafés, shops and restaurants. But it wasn´t always like that.

Join us for a guided tour in English through the narrow streets of Haga. We will take you back to the scary 19th Century when poverty, overcrowding and crimes characterized the district and when , thieving and might be the only way to survive.

Learn more about the horror of Narrow Road. Find out why Anna Brita cut up her best friend. And meet Pernilla, who burnt children in the oven after having killed them.

Don´t miss this chance to learn more about the beastly crimes of old Haga.

English guide: Annika Banfield

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